This is the Website for Save Port Sunlight, a pressure group set up to protect the character and heritage of Port Sunlight. 

Planning Application 20045809 has been submitted by Port Sunlight Village Trust and Miller Homes.  We do not oppose all developments but are passionately opposed to this wholly inappropriate development.

We recognise that some development is neccessary, however, we feel that this development will irrevocably damage the village.  Instead we argue that Port Sunlight Village trust should take of advantage of high property values and build houses in the traditional style that would enhance the conservation area.

Please go to Sample e mails and Sample Letters for details of how to voice your concerns.  We will also be adding extra tools to help you voice your objections.

This is a quickly built website, and therefore a bit rough around the edges.

Included in this site are lists of people with which to register your objections.  Standard e mails and letters will also appear.  Feel free to use these.  If you can improve on the standard letters let us the above e mail address.


Updated 5 June 2004